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Web and Email Hosting in Colchester and Oxford


At HEXComputing we take security, safety, and accessibility seriously, so we offer tailored web and email hosting packages to our clients. Our support staff regularly monitor our dedicated hosting servers, which means you enjoy a 99.9% uptime, and rest assured your site, and your business is in safe hands.

While most of our web hosting clients operate close to our offices in Colchester and Oxfordshire, we do provide hosting services to clients across the United Kingdom and around the world.

We realise most people don’t know what web or email hosting is and how it relates to your website or business. We’ve put together some info for you to better understand hosting and how HEXComputing can help you.

What is Web Hosting and Why Do I Need It?

The simple answer, web hosting is where your website is stored online. Think of your website as a house, a physical structure. You need somewhere to build your house right? Well, that’s what hosting provides, a piece of real estate online where you can build your website.

Web hosting does some technical know how and that’s where HEXComputing comes in. While you’re focused on your business and getting traffic to your website, we look after everything behind the scenes. Oh, and we can you get more traffic to your website with a tailored SEO package.

Looking for Technical Information on HEXComputing Web Hosting Services?

HEXComputing use the cPanel Control Panel and CloudLinux, which are two of the leading industry standards for web hosting. You can easily install your WordPress website using the Softaculous Auto Installer without spending time installing WordPress manually. It’s simple enough that even a complete beginner can understand it.

We also give you unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and sub-domains. HEXComputing hosting services delivers everything you need to keep your website online and up to date.


Alex has been fab, always willing to tweak and change the site to ensure it was perfect for me! I will definitely use him on other projects and recommend him to others 🙂

Kate B.

London, GB


Alex was fantastic at the service he provided. He kept me constantly up to date with the different stages of the project. He was brilliant and will use him in the near future for more projects.

Marcus C.

London, GB

VPS Hosting

“I am currently using a HEXComputing supplied VPS for hosting multiple production websites. I have found the product and service to be excellent and any queries or issues I have had along the way have been addressed by Alex quickly and efficiently. I will continue to use HEXComputing going forward for all of my hosting needs.”

Dan C.

County Durham

What is VPS Hosting?


VPS stands for virtual private server. While you share the same infrastructure with other websites and applications, your services are separate. Your VPS has a separate IP address, faster speeds and a more secure server environment.


Do I Need a VPS?

For the average business or blogger, a VPS isn’t necessary. If you have an eCommerce store, a website with loads of media content like large images or video or, your website enjoys high traffic volumes, then a VPS is essential.


How Do I Know When it is Time to Upgrade to VPS?

Here are some typical instances where you will need to consider upgrading to a VPS.

  • Your website sells products– If you sell products from your website then you’ll need a VPS. eCommerce requires a certain level of security which shared hosting does not offer.
  • Media heavy content websites– Media heavy websites include online magazines or serious bloggers with loads of image or video content. If your company has a large portfolio with hi-res images or video content, then VPS hosting would be a better option.
  • High volume traffic websites– if you have high website volumes or, use a significant amount of server resources then, an upgrade to a VPS might be required. If you already have a standard web hosting account with HEXComputing, then one of our technicians will notify you that an upgrade is necessary. If your website is hosted elsewhere, contact one of our customer support team to evaluate your website and recommend the best hosting service for your website or application.

Web Hosting

“Very prompt with replying to any queries I have. Hassle free, leaving me to concentrate on running my business. Would highly recommend HEXComputing.”

Hayley M.

East Anglia Roofing Services, Suffolk, GB

What is Email Hosting?


Email hosting is the server where your email accounts are hosted online. You then use an email application like Outlook, Apple Mail or Gmail to access your emails from the hosting server. This is similar to how a telephone exchange works. Your number is stored at British Telecom but you use a landline phone to connect to that number so others can contact you.

Web and email hosting often go hand in hand because they both require your company domain. With one of HEXComputing’s full hosting packages you get unlimited email accounts, STP accounts, MySQL databases and sub-domains.

What Types of Hosting Does HEXComputing Offer?


  • Standard Web Hosting– The most affordable way to host your website online via a shared web hosting server. Unlike other providers, HEXComputing strictly monitors website usage to manage the shared hosting environment. Shared web hosting is best for all businesses including eCommerce or websites with high volumes of traffic.
  • VPS Hosting– VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a step up from standard shared hosting. While you still share server infrastructure with other websites, your website is isolated on your own virtual server allowing for more control, security and the ability to handle higher traffic volumes with ease. VPS hosting is best for businesses with loads of media content, custom software applications and eCommerce websites.
  • Email Hosting– Email hosting is included with all HEXComputing’s web hosting plans. If you only require email hosting, we can do that too. Our email hosting plans come with unlimited email accounts so there are no extra costs as your business grows. We assist with all the information to setup your email account and our support staff are always available if needed.

How Does HEXComputing Web Hosting Work?


So that you know exactly what to expect when choosing one of HEXComputing’s web hosting plans, we’ve put together some answers to frequently asked questions.


Are HEXComputing Web Hosting Plans Fully Managed?

Yes! All our web hosting packages come fully managed by our UK based support team. You will have access to customer support team, via phone or email, should you experience any issues or have questions. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your hosting services are monitored and that you can call or email us at anytime to receive support from one of our helpful and reliable team members.

We can also help with general IT issues. Please chat to one of our support staff.


Do I Get Access to My Web Hosting Account?

Yes! If you wish to access your hosting account we will provide you with your own login details.


I Would Like to Build My Own WordPress Website. What does HEXComputing Charge to Install WordPress on My Hosting Account?

Nothing! If you wish to build your own WordPress website we’ll install WordPress on your hosting account for FREE. HEXComputing also offers WordPress web design and development services. We can also fix any WordPress issues you may have or customise your theme.

Web Hosting

Fixed VPS Spam Issues -“Very good service, helped get my emails and website sorted very quickly and in the evening”

Michael W.

East Anglia Roofing Services, Chester, GB


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