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Search Engine Optimisation 

Why is SEO Important?


SEO is important for any website. If you want to rank in search engines like Google, you have to make sure your website is optimised. But why?

Search traffic to your website is FREE. Less than 1% of users click on results from the second page of search results and beyond. Therefore, if you’re on page 2, you may as well be on the last page.

How Does SEO Work?


To optimise your website for SEO you need to ensure certain metrics are covered. Basic SEO practice includes; relevant URL and title tag, page structure, optimised meta tags, optimised media like image and video content, keyword placement and word count. These are just the basics.

How Can I Rank on Page 1?


Ranking on page one of search results is becoming more and more competitive so websites need to make sure every element of SEO is taken care of. There is no quick fix to this and ranking high in search results takes time.

HEXComputing has formulated a step by step approach to SEO and helping our clients rank higher in search results. Here is a brief summary of how HEXComputing goes about SEO for our clients.

Step 1 – Website Audit & Analysis

Our first step to SEO is to perform an audit and analysis on your website. We use advanced SEO software to scan your entire website and pick up any errors. Common mistakes are incorrect HTML markup, incorrect use and structure of title tags, low word count or incorrect keyword targeting.

If there are any issues we fix them immediately. If your website is already within the top five pages, fixing any basic SEO errors should see an improvement in ranking within days or weeks.

Step 2 – Keyword & Competition Analysis

Once we have fixed any basic issues, HEXComputing conducts a keyword and competition analysis. We use advanced software to check what keywords your website is ranking for and where you lie in the rankings. Are you even ranking for the correct keywords?

At the same time, we measure you up against the competition. We look at competing pages in the top 10 on Google and see what they’re doing that you aren’t. With this information, we can then rework and update your pages content so that we improve on your competition.

Step 3 – Content Research & Creation

Now that we know what keywords you need to rank for and what the competition is doing, HEXComputing can now go about fixing or creating content.

We spend time researching the keywords to figure out exactly what users are looking for when they’re searching and how your website can answer the users’ question or, offer them the product or service they’re looking for.

We create high-value content for searchers arriving at your website complete with a strategically placed call to action. By spending time on your website or getting users to convert, search engines recognise your website is the best option for the relevant keyword and thus pushes your website higher in the search results.

Step 4 – Marketing & Promotion

Once your website or page is optimised for a specific keyword, you want to maximise the amount of traffic you can get to your website. This is where the marketing and promotion of your content or product come in.

Marketing your website is done by promotion through social media, reaching out to influencers and publications to write articles with backlinks to your content, product or service or, using paid ads to drive traffic.

SEO takes time and there is no “one size fits all” approach. Once you are ranking in the top five or, even number 1 on Google, all your hard work will have paid off and you will enjoy a steady flow of traffic to your website.

Contact HEXComputing todayto see how we can help your website ranking higher in search results.


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Alex was fantastic. Built a wonderful blog. Worked tirelessly on numerous corrections and his communication was top notch. Anything wordpress Alex is now my first point of call. I love his “nothing is too much attitude”.

Rich M.

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We used Alex to build us a new website after being very badly let down by another designer. From the beginning they were both proactive and transparent in all dealings with us. Alex is currently working on another website for me in a different business arena. He is very easy to deal with, professional and knowledgeable and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

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