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eCommerce Websites

eCommerce is fast becoming the preferred way for consumers to purchase their favourite goods. Many brands are choosing to sell their products via their website. This enables a brand to cut out the middleman, make bigger profits while still offering a better price to the consumer.

The added benefit for brands is they get to engage and interact with consumers, gathering valuable information that could lead to improving their current products or growing their range.

In the past, eCommerce was inaccessible to most due to the technical knowledge required to set up and run an online store. With advances in technology, eCommerce has become more accessible and cost-effective although it still requires some technical skill and significant time to set up. That’s where HEXComputing comes in.

HEXComputing offers a turnkey service to get your eCommerce store up and running and then manage any ongoing maintenance, security and upgrades as and when they are required. This leaves you to concentrate on the business and delivering the best service to your customers.

Do I need eCommerce for my website?

If you wish to sell goods or services online with an automated checkout system, then, yes you need to incorporate eCommerce into your website.

Which eCommerce platforms?

There are many eCommerce platforms available, at HEXComputing we have worked with: WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace and Gravity Forms. All of these platforms are user friendly for our clients and offer a good amount of customisation to tailor the website to match your brand.

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