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Digital Marketing

There are many facets to modern digital marketing. This broad term covers a multitude of platforms, applications and mediums through which you can reach and engage with your audience.

Digital marketing includes social media, email marketing, paid ads, blogging and any method or medium where you are able to reach an audience online. A good digital marketing campaign is all about creating exceptional content which encourages engagement and ultimately leads to a conversion of some sort.

How HEXComputing can help with Digital Marketing

HEXComputing offers a range of digital marketing services to meet your specific needs. As no two businesses or brands are alike, we approach each client as an individual and don’t adopt a copy/paste mentality.

Content Creation

Essential to any digital marketing campaign is content. Whether it is copywriting, images or video, HEXComputing’s designers and content creators are able to put together high quality, relevant content for you.

Another form of content creation is blogging. If you are looking to produce high-quality content around specific keywords, our content team will research and create content for your blog.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Haven’t got the time to manage your social media effectively? Let our dedicated team of social media experts manage your social media marketing.

We work with you to identify your target market, create content and schedule your posts. Our team responds to any queries and forwards possible leads. Our team can also manage your paid ad campaigns to help grow your social channels or drive sales.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the methodology by which Google and other search engines rank your site. SEO is made up of many metrics and at HEXComputing we offer a complete service to make sure your website’s SEO boxes are ticked.

Paid Ads

Paid ads are the fastest way to get traffic to your website. Google, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular paid ads platforms. HEXComputing works with you to come up with an effective ad strategy that is right for your campaign and budget.

We make sure your ads are targeting the right demographics to give you the highest return on investment we can.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools available. Your subscribers are just a click away from purchasing your products or services online. At HEXComputing we believe an effective email marketing campaign should add value to your subscribers and not just go for the “hard sell” in every email.

Email marketing is also a great way for businesses and brands to engage with their followers and let them know about important news and updates.

Whatever your approach to email marketing, HEXComputing can design your email template and implement an effective email marketing campaign.

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