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Brochure Websites

A brochure website simply showcases your businesses services, successes and company details to ensure customers can find you online. Effectively a brochure website is the digital version of a printed brochure but with the ability to reach a wider audience.

At HEXComputing we offer a turnkey service so your website is up and running without you having to get involved with technical matters. You provide us with the content and we build your website. It’s that simple!

HEXComputing brochure websites can be developed with or without a blog and with one of our monthly plans, we’ll upload your blog posts for you.

Is a Brochure Website for me?

A brochure website is for bloggers, businesses, non-profits and other organisations looking to showcase their services or tell a story online. Here are some examples of who we recommend a brochure website for:


This applies to businesses and organisations of all sizes – from a small one man company to a large scale multi-national corporation. If you’re looking to showcase your company’s services, the team behind the scenes, some of your company’s successes and perhaps even a blog or news feed, then one of our brochure websites is what you’re looking for.


Have you got something to tell the world? Then a brochure website tailored to fulfil the needs of a blogger is what you possibly require. We’ll give you your own login so you post your blogs as and when needed. Prefer to just write and let HEXComputing handle posting to the website? Chat to one of our friendly customer service agents to find a solution that suits you.

I’m ready for my new website. What’s next?

Step 1 – The Idea
You contact us with a brief about why you require a website and include any ideas you may have regarding the layout. If you are unsure of what you want your website to look like, we are extremely happy make some recommendations.
Step 2 – Concept & Design
We present a design and layout based on your requirements. We can make any tweaks or changes and, once you are happy, our developers start building your new website.
Step 3 – Development
Depending on the size of your website, we provide a mockup within seven days of the project commencing. During this time, we ensure any images and video are optimised for the web. Our SEO experts make sure the website is built according to best practise and any copy is optimised for search engines to rank your website high in search results.
Step 4 – Completion
Once the website is complete, we provide you with a final opportunity to go through the website and make sure the content is correct and the website operates as it should. Once you’re happy the website then goes live.

Contact us today to discuss creating your bespoke website with our team of skilled designers and web developers.

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